Our Services

We are the local rural suppliers for all your property and in town needs. Competitively priced of everything you will ever need! If we don't have it, we will be happy to get it! Supplying the following products;


  • Fencing supplies for your property including barb, plain, gates, netting, hinges and latches
  • Steel including cattle rail, RHS, flat and angle
  • Portable panel gate races
  • Water troughs, feed troughs and supplement troughs
  • Water tanks of all sizes
  • Poly pipe and fittings, floats. Taps, valves, PVC pipes and fittings
  • Cement - GP and easy mix
  • Reo mesh and netting
  • Dog food working your working or family dog, wet and dry
  • Cat food for your feline friends, wet and dry
  • Horse products - shoeing gear, bridles, halters
  • Horse feed for any horse and any life stage
  • Branding gear
  • Calf rearing - feeders, milk powder and bottles
  • Feeds for any animal -  hay supplements, health and veterinary products
  • Organic supplements and fly control
  • All your hardware supplies you could imagine
  • Household products for everyone
  • Pool chemicals and products
  • Our pleather of plants in our nursery
  • All your gardening needs to create an oasis
  • Metalwork equipment
  • Auto electrical fittings
  • Electric fencing equipment
  • Truck, tractor and earthmover Tyres
  • Industrial gas supplied by Air Liquide


Come into our shop and find what you're looking for, always served with a smile and great country service!